Celebrating People of African Heritage

What They Don't Want Us to Know

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This is a book for people of African heritage.  

The crisis facing Black communities today - difficulties, notably the killing of Black people by the police and other authorities – point to an urgency to the work contained in this ebook.

Let's talk solutions. 

Every day, people talk about the same problems.

  •  Money problems, bills, debts, taxes.

  •  Work stresses, lack of time.

  •  Relationship problems.  Lack of partners, lack of fulfilment.

  •  Difficulties with friends and family members.

  •  Health problems and difficulties.

 Maybe you have read personal development books before, attended courses, listened to tapes and CDs.

Are you happy with your results? 

You may need to go deeper. 

This ebook contains the secret, hidden knowledge which was formerly only known by the privileged few.

This book particularly addresses some of the concerns of Black people, i.e. people of African heritage.  What They Don't Want Us to Know  is the follow-up to Success Strategies for Black People by Zhana.   

Zhana has written this book as a way to share things I have learned about how to make life more wonderful.  How to have more of what we want. 

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