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These ebooks contain practical advice and suggestions.  More Black Success celebrates positive Black role models in the UK, the U.S.A. and worldwide.  

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Volume 10

Advice from Black Business Experts

Melinda Emerson, known as SmallBizLady on Twitter, has over 16,000 followers and used social networking to make her book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, a bestseller.  Plus lots more.  Click here to download MBS 10.  For previous volumes, see MBS 9, below.   

Volume 9

Advice for Black Writers           
MBS9 is the second volume to focus specifically on interviews with Black authors.   See below for MBS 7.  See above to order your free copy now.  

Bobby Richardson’s novel The Neighborhood describes how a completely illiterate street thug transforms himself to become a respected and mega-successful businessman.

H.V. Lyons, author of Supernature, is inspired by classic science fiction writers such as H. G. Wells.

Author of Poison Reality: a Symphony of Bittersweet, Nedyne Shorts Nettles creates true-to-life characters in realistic situations.

Plus, in an article entitled "Transformations: Give up the Struggle", Renee Wiggins asks, what’s keeping you from reaching your full potential and becoming all that you can be? 

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Volume 8

Advice for Black Business Owners

Volume 8 features free advice for Black-owned businesses.

Coach Kevin communicates a constant message of hope and inspiration, and talks about his book From Ghetto to Greatness.

Derrick Hayes advises entrepreneurs through his books and videos. His gifts as a speaker inspire and motivate others.

Yvonne Witter explains why and how to write a business plan and gives a graphic illustration of how your business plan can help your business. 

Plus, as usual, MBS contains loads of resources for your personal and professional development. 

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Volume 7

Writers' Secrets - Volume 7 is the first issue that is devoted entirely to interviews with Black authors. 

They share their secrets on how they got started, how they keep going when the going gets rough, their inspiration and much more. 

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Volume 6

Advice for Black Business Owners If you are involved in mentoring young people, you will want to read Dena Strong's very moving and inspiring piece which includes 10 Tips for Mentoring.  

Diana Broomfield writes about Finding Your Purpose.  Click here to hear Zhana interviewed on Diana's radio show

Plus loads of resources.  

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Volume 5

Advice for Black Business Owners In More Black Success Volume 5,  Mercy Gilbert of Art Connoisseur explains how to set up and run a successful Black business.

Plus "The Invisible Black Family" - Joan Gosier of HBCU Kidz asks, is the "two-parent happy African American family living a fulfilled life" invisible or nonexistent in mainstream media?
You can listen to an interview with Joan from the Success Strategies radio show

Plus loads of resources and much more. 


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Volume 4

More Black Success Volume 4 focuses on health, healing and science.

Dr. Bill Releford writes about the Los Angeles Black Barbershop Health Outreach Project, which promotes awareness of cardiovascular disease and diabetes to African American men. 

Veronica Henry explores her African ancestral heritage through DNA testing. 

Plus a story of hope for the treatment of HIV positive children in Uganda. 

And loads of resources. 

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Volume 3

More Black Success Volume 3  focuses on health, healing, recovery, surviving and thriving. 


Coach and speaker Shola Arewa, author of Opening to Spirit, describes how she draws on ancient African traditions to help people achieve their goals and find the money they need. 


Plus, after 15 years of drug addiction, Joseph Chapman was in a county jail cell when he decided to turn his life around and overcome substance abuse.  Now he helps other African Americans to do the same.   


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You will also enjoy reading Do You Think Like a Success? 


Volume 2

More Black Success Volume 2 contains an interview with Tim Campbell, the first winner of The Apprentice UK, who speaks with Zhana about what new business start-ups need and how African Caribbean businesses, and all SMEs, can achieve success. 


Plus, Michael Taylor speaks about how he went from bankrupt, depressed and stressed to being a successful entrepreneur writer/publisher. 


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Volume 1

Can positive cultural reinforcement improve and support Black people’s mental health?

More Black Success Volume 1 contains articles including an interview with Menkara Cojo of the Kulubi Centre, a healing centre for African people in North London, and an interview with Ola Fagbohun, creator of the website Diverse Traveller. 


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