Celebrating People of African Heritage

Black Success Stories

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The late Len Garrison, founder of the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, is one of the people interviewed in Black Success Stories.  


Garrison describes how he collected historical materials in his free time, at a time when the museums in Britain were not collecting these artefacts. 


Some of the other positive Black role models interviewed here include: 


       Diane Abbott MP, first African Caribbean woman to be elected to the House of Commons


       Henry Bonsu, journalist and broadcaster


       Jak Dodd, inventor of the Nubian Jak Black history board game


Plus, Trevor Phillips OBE, Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, talks about how the British education system is failing African Caribbean boys - and how he was 'saved' from the education system. 

And more. 


These interviews remind us that people of African heritage are achieving great success in Britain, that we have many brilliant role models and that there is much to celebrate. 


If you are a parent, teacher, mentor or educator, you must have this book. 

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