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Zhana is a writer, publisher and Transformational Growth Consultant.  She uses practical effective methods to help you achieve your goals.  Zhana is the author of Success Strategies for Black People and Black Success Stories.  Editor of the More Black Success free ebooks.  And author of Secrets of the Black Bloggers.  For links to all of these and more, see the Resources page. 

Click here for interviews with Zhana.  And click here for Zhana's Black Success Audios

An African American woman based in London, Zhana frequently publishes online articles and blogs, and leads Success Workshops in London in which she shares practical, effective methods to help you achieve your goals andrealise your unlimited possibilities.

We have so many wonderful, amazing examples of successful Black people in our own communities, both historically and in the present day. Their successes give us the blueprint for our own success.

We can also learn from the examples successful Black people in the present day, in business and in every area of endeavour , which is why Zhana publishes the More Black Success free ebooks. 

Zhana believes that, historically, Black people have been taught to hate and mistrust each other. This is sometimes known as Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome. We need to unlearn, and to heal, these patterns which affect us, our families and our communities. This is one reason why some Black people do not want to buy from Black-owned businesses. 

When we heal these patterns, we can attract whatever we want - money and financial success, happy, healthy relationships, and more. This is what Zhana teaches people to do, in practical ways.

History holds the key to the mystery of our existence. We can learn and draw from our history to see how we have survived tremendous adversity and how wecan shape our future.

Zhana has written Success Strategies for Black People and Black Success Stories as part of her ongoing commitment to global prosperity and global peace.

To keep up to date with Zhana's courses and workshops and news updates, click here to join Nurture Success.   Or, if you are not of African heritage, click here to join The Key to Everything

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